It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly..


Love Ed Sheeran, Love This Song, Love the video… That is all..

20 Responses to “It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly..”

  1. 1 snuggles

    Great and thought provoking!

  2. For my Mum, wherever you are :,(

  3. 3 Richard Wise

    This is just a very lovely sad song!

  4. Love this song!!

  5. Amazing song, great lyrics very real and true, to soo many people, great he can reflect such raw emotions in a great song/tune, hope people realise the meaning behind it.

  6. 6 oak

    Love this song – one of the best songs on the radio atm 🙂

  7. beautiful and very relevant song, especially in the wake of amy winehouses passing. Maybe the youth of today will think twice, before befalling a situation like this, and if this song helps with the deterence of drugs and our children dying, then thankyou.x

  8. 8 yogev izhak

    me 2..

  9. What a powerful tune breaks my heart miss you

  10. i love this song i keep playing it agian and agian and my brother has it on his ipod.Sometimes u get called gay if you dont like this song

  11. 11 jo


  12. 12 Harry

    lovely song…..i just love it

  13. nice song…

  14. 14 Angela

    good song

  15. 15 Anne Beirne

    wish I could write like this. Love this

  16. 16 dakota

    hey would you be able to get … it’s too cold for angels to fly – ed sheeran…
    i am dying to listen to it again

  17. 17 Valli

    Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. 🙂

  18. amazing voice

  19. 19 jack

    Its about prostitutes with heroin addictions. Its to cold for angels to fly . The words are soft and caring so that prostitutes are human beings and their drug becomes them as angel is synomonous with heroin.

  20. 20 jas

    The most beautiful song on the radio to date..

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